Whey powder (Permeate)

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  • شناسه آگهی: 29548

  • اضافه: 2022/12/11

  • قیمت: 2700$

  • نام شرکت: Kalber Dairy Export Department

  • موقعیت مکانی: ایران

  • استان: tehran

  • شهر: Tehran

  • شماره تماس: +98 912 380 0977

  • بازدید: 36

  • وبسایت: Kalber Dairy Export Department


Whey protein is one of the primary proteins found in dairy products. A byproduct of the cheese-making process, whey protein provides substantial amounts of the essential amino acids that are needed to carry out the functions that proteins perform in the body.
Kalber Whey Permeate Powder (protein) — typically in the form of a powder — can be added to liquids or soft foods, such as applesauce, or blended with ice and fresh fruit to make a smoothie. People commonly take whey protein to improve athletic performance and address nutritional deficiencies or problems.
Kalber Permeate Whey powder is produced from UF Feta cheese Permeate


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